Wedding Dress Cleaning- Everything you need to know

Wedding Dress Cleaning Guide by Quiclo
Wedding Dress Cleaning Guide

We’ve all dreamt about our wedding dress! Even the ones who haven’t dreamt about the wedding, have. Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, and every bride or groom wants to feel special in an alluring and beautiful wedding outfit. As you get ready for your big day, you’ve tried to avoid anything that can go wrong or ruin it, (especially the outfit).

Inevitably mishaps happen, but nasty stains on the outfit do not have to be one of them. No matter how careful you are when it comes to sipping your wine or not ruining your makeup, there’s always a chance that you’ll get caught up in a moment and let your guard down. It would be best not to let your dress anxiety spoil your wedding celebrations.

The cost of wedding dress cleaning can vary and you need to prepare yourself accordingly. Throughout the day, your wedding dress would get exposed to potential hazards. Don’t panic, there are a good many ways to remove stains from your wedding outfits, even at the last minute. But you might also be surprised how effective these home cleaning tips turn out to be for wedding dress cleaning.

Wedding Dress Cleaning 101

1. Assemble an emergency stain kit

Emergency stain kit - Wedding Dress Cleaning

Emergency stain kit – Wedding Dress Cleaning

It can be overwhelming to wonder how many perils your wedding outfits may face, from your reception meal to red wine. But preparing way ahead helps you stay grounded in the event. Always treat the stain working from the edges towards the inside. Use a white towel to blot up the moisture, and keep doing that with the clean section of white cloth. Dresses made with polyester are easy to remove stains from. Before trying any stain removal techniques, check other possible ways to determine the color change or damage. Test your cleaner on the discrete part of the dress to avoid fading.

If a stain finds your dress before the wedding celebrations, the safest thing is to go to a professional dry cleaner. These basic instructions can help you deal with all possible stains. Stock up on wedding day stain removal supplies. To guard against any stain, have an emergency kit with the following:

i) Cotton swabs or paper towels

ii) Baby powder or corn starch

iii) Safety pins

iv) Baking soda, off-white chalk

v) Clear dishwashing liquid

vi) A clean napkin

vii) Dish soap

viii) White vinegar

2. Treat specific stains

Treat specific stains - Wedding Dress Cleaning

Different stains require different treatments. Use an emergency stain kit wisely, depending on the stain you’re facing. Here we present you with some quick fixes for your wedding dress stains. If your wedding gown gets a nasty stain from outdoors or from your bouquets, don’t panic; you can fix it with cornstarch or baking soda and with other wedding dress cleaning tips:

i) Mud – Use a stain removal pen or cloth, start working at the edges of the stain and then at the center. You can keep blotting until the soil or dirt is absorbed.

ii) Dirt and grass stains – You can try a solution of vinegar or lime juice. Mix a drop of dish soap to get effective results. Use baby powder or cornstarch to camouflage the grass stain. A professional dry cleaner can help you with stains more precisely.

iii) Blood – You can use the solution of hydrogen peroxide to get rid of bloodstains or sweat.

iv) Smoke bombs – Though they add drama and glamour to the wedding portraits, they can be risky. At the time of stain, use a solution of vinegar or soap mixture.

v) Lipstick or makeup – These stains can be annoying, yet you can cover them using chalk or baby powder. Use baby powder to absorb oily smears and cotton swabs for colorful stains.

vi) Red wine – Use a white towel to absorb as much as wine possible. Dab a white soaked cloth and work on the outer edges of the dress.

vii) Oil or grease – Cover it with a layer of cornstarch or baby powder. Let it settle down for at least 15 minutes for the oil to absorb. Dip a cotton swab on isopropyl alcohol, and work on the outer edges of the dress.

viii) Mascara – Use a solution of rubbing alcohol and dish soap to dab the stain.

Pro Tip: If you’re performing wedding dress cleaning at home, use a gentle and efficient detergent. Read the instructions on the label, and then wash accordingly.

3. Know your dress

Know your dress - Wedding Dress Cleaning

It is always possible to get a stain on your wedding outfits at some point of your wedding day, so the best defence is to have proper knowledge of your wedding garment or material. Specific tips come to the rescue with having proper knowledge of the fabric care. Once you know the dress’s fabric and other embellishments, you can follow the steps to deal with your stains, and enhance wedding dress cleaning efforts:

-Know what fabric of the dress is made of

-Know the care instructions printed on the label

-Know the do’s and don’ts of treating the particular stain

Pro Tips:

  • Use stain remover or liquid detergents while dealing with stains
  • Use cotton to dab the spots with stain remover
  • Blot with clean fabric after


  •  Check the specific care instructions on your wedding dress and keep a budget for your wedding dress cleaning.
  •  Follow and abide by the rules carefully  if you’re cleaning your wedding dress yourself.
  •  Suggestively, you can opt for a professional dry cleaning service and try not to save money on cheaper services.

We recommended you place some thread and needle in your emergency dress repair kit. It can help you with last-minute emergencies. Well, last minute fixes can be a tedious and monotonous task, yet with these above-stated tips, you can ace your wedding outfit cleaning. While a stain on the gown may look like a horrible thing on your big day before you walk down the aisle, you don’t have to worry. We hope these tips are pretty helpful. If you have more creative ideas on wedding dress cleaning, do let us know in the comments section.

FAQs – Wedding Dress Cleaning

How do you wash a wedding dress?
Wedding dress is extremely special and needs to be washed with great care. To wash the wedding dress, it is best to make use of dry cleaning services from Quiclo as it keeps your wedding dress fresh and intact.

Can I wash a wedding dress in a washing machine?
It is best to avoid washing a wedding dress in a washing machine and rather make use of professional washing and cleaning services to maintain the quality of your wedding dress.

Can a yellowed wedding dress be whitened?
Yes, a yellowed wedding dress can be withened. You can carryout wet cleaning from Quiclo’s professional cleaning services and whiten your yellowed dress. You can also make use of stain removal services to remove yellow stains in your wedding dress.

Can I clean my wedding dress myself?
Yes, you can clen your wedding dress yourself. But to be on the safer side and maintainn the quality of your wedding dress, it is best to clean it using professional cleaning services from a reputed place like Quiclo.

How do you get old stains out of a wedding dress?
Stains on a wedding dress can be removed using numerous materials like liquid detergent,vinegar,hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and many other cleaning agents. You can make use of Quiclo’s stain removal services to get old stains out of a wedding dress.


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