About Quiclo

Welcome to the world of faster and smarter laundry services in Hyderabad! We’re Quiclo Laundry , and we’re here to revolutionise the way you manage the simple yet difficult chore of doing your laundry. Wondering how we confidently claim to be the best laundry service in Hyderabad? Read on and you’ll agree.

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    Streamlined Service

    Get laundry done with just the tip of your finger and our easy to use app on your phones. Yes, it’s as simple as that with Quiclo Laundry !

    Any Load, Any Fabric

    Just 48 hours. You have the Quiclo Laundry guarantee that your clothes will reach you within 2 days. Leave it to the pros at Quiclo Laundry!

    No minimum order

    Need a last-minute dry cleaning for just one suit? Don’t worry, as one of the best dry cleaners in Hyderabad, Quiclo Laundry has you covered! Set up laundry services for clothes regardless of quantity, easily through our app.

    State-of-the-art processing

    We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your clothes get the best care that there is. Just place your order and relax as we make your clothes as good as new!

    Safety On Priority

    Quiclo Laundry understands consumer concerns regarding safety and hygiene, especially during a pandemic. True to our reputation as one of the best laundry services in hyderabad, we follow stringent covid-19 safety guidelines every step of the way, keeping your wellbeing in mind.

    In a nutshell, Quiclo Laundry is the one-stop solution for all your laundry needs and stays on top as one of the best laundry services in hyderabad. Through seamless digital app interfaces and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we’re shaping the way you do laundry, one load at a time!

    Our Services

    Laundry Services

    Whether it’s a last-minute urgent washing requirement or just your weekly laundry, Quiclo Laundry is here for you. We use the best detergents and machines in the market to ensure your clothes get the best wash possible. Washing, drying and everything in between, the Quiclo Laundry way!

    Dry Cleaning

    Quiclo Laundry gets your clothes to their former glory in no time through our expert dry cleaning services. Want to look sharp under a tight schedule? Never fear, Quiclo Laundry is here!

    Stain Removal

    Quiclo Laundry offers dedicated stain removal across a wide range of fabrics and clothes. Worried about fabric quality compromise during handling? Rest assured, we take the utmost care and deliver stain-free clothes based on top-notch industry standards.

    How it Works

    In 4 Easy Steps

    STEP 1

    Request a pick-up

    STEP 2

    Our executive will come pick your laundry

    STEP 3

    Professional laundry treatment at our centre

    STEP 4

    Our Executive will deliver your garments at your doorstep


    Smart wash is an easy and convenient way to get clothes laundered and get back clean and fresh clothes back on time, The stain removal service was especially satisfying


    Why Choose Us?

    Superior equipment

    We only use the best equipment and products in the market to clean garments and leave them hygienic and fresh.

    Expert wash

    Each garment is assessed by experts and washed according to the conditions best suited for clean and damage-free results.

    Pick-up & delivery

    Schedule your laundry pickup and drops with us and get freshly laundered clothes delivered to your doorstep!

    Track order.

    With a transparent system in place, track your order at any given point to know the exact status of your order till it reaches you.