About Us

Are you worried about getting your laundry chores done? Well, fast-paced lives deserve fast based services. We at Quiclo Laundry have got you covered. A quicker solution to the most dreaded chore which we put off. We offer smart laundry services.

Our team

We have a skilled team of laundry service providers who offer clean and hygienic laundry services like washing, drying, pressing, and stain removal. Within 2 days, your clothes will be neatly cleaned and delivered to you. Our team will provide you with 48 hours of guaranteed services.

Why Quiclo?

      • We make use of superior and high functioning equipment to cleanse the clothes.
      • We take care to handle your clothes and garment as per the material texture.
      • We offer all the requested laundry services at the best quality prices.

How does Quiclo work?

Well, just by four easy tips

      • Get in touch with us and book a laundry service that you want to avail.
      • Our delivery executive at Quiclo will pick up your laundry at the doorstep
      • Our expert team will carry out all laundry services requests.
      • Once the laundry services are done, our delivery executive will drop it off at your place.