Your laundry needs extra love in the winter. Here’s how to love.

Your laundry needs extra love in the winter

Whatʼs the one thing that comes to your mind when you think about the chilly  winter? After that from a cup of hot chocolate and a good read by the window, of  course! The first thing that usually pops up in your mind when you think about  winters is the big warm fuzzy clothes youʼll need to keep yourself cosy. It helps that  winter fashion is extremely comfortable and chic too.  

It may feel great to be all cuddled up and comfortable under those many layers of  warm clothing, but there is a worryingly bigger pile of laundry to worry about as  well. Not to mention, doing laundry in the winter certainly feels like a bigger chore  than it actually is. This ends up in some of us repeating clothes without washing,  and that is just ew.  

But back to being fashionable. Winter gives us the opportunity to flaunt all the  beautiful shrugs, woollens and jackets from our closets. But we should remember  that they need extra care while washing. Winter laundry is tricky and complicated.  And for those of you who donʼt have the time or the patience… or for those of you  who just love us, remember that Quiclo can take care of your winter wear, being the  best dry cleaning service in Hyderabad.  

As for the ones who want to take up this challenge themselves, we are leaving a few  general tips and tricks for you to make sure your clothes are clean, hygienic and  fresh in the winter season. These are also beneficial in terms of energy efficiency,  cleanliness, hygiene and freshness.  

  • Always hand wash your knitted clothes with a few drops of liquid detergent in  cold water. You can fill up a bucket with cold water, add a few drops of liquid  detergent, and then gently wash your sweaters, woollens, mufflers, hoodies or  other similar clothes. Once this is done, drain out the tub, refill it with cold  water and repeat this until there is no soapiness left on the clothes. It is a  strenuous process but worth it in keeping your clothes intact.  
  • You can machine wash your jackets and coats using cold water. This has to  be done at least two times through the season. Keeping the machineʼs dryer  on a low setting and adding a few tennis balls during the drying helps re-fluff your jackets.  
  • You can use your sweaters and jeans more than once in the season! You do  not sweat much during the winter. So, please re-wear these clothes unless you  stain them. Just toss them in the dryer on a low setting for a while with a  dryer sheet ‒ this will keep them fresh forever. 
  • Wear extra layers beneath your jeans and sweaters. Added with the sweater  and jeans, your thermals and t-shirts will keep you warm and keep your outer  clothing layers fresher and free from any kind of odour.  
  • Clean mud and earthy slush stains at once. Please do not wait until the end of  the season and let the stains set in and become impossible to remove.  • The best way to dry your clothes during the winter is to hand them all up on  the clothesline.  
  • Gloves, scarves and stoles need to wash at least once a month.  

Now letʼs get into the specifics.  

Wash care

We might now wash our woollens as much as regular clothes, but it is necessary to  give them a proper wash once in a while. But we get it, our winter collections  comprise various different materials like wool, cashmere, velvet and even fur, which  all need different wash care. So letʼs get to it.  

Cashmere: Even though instructions ask you to dry wash them, it is better to  hand wash cashmere at home. Just use a baby shampoo or detergent (made  just for woollens) to soak your cashmere clothes in cold water and then wash  it off after a while.  

Woollens: Wash your woollens once at the start of the season and once at the  end. Dry cleaning them is the best way to keep moths and other insects away.  You can always send your woollens to the best dry cleaning online in  Hyderabad, Quiclo.  

Velvets: If you have a velvet jacket or coat, you must always look into the  instructions about how to care for it. For example, velvet in most cases can  be dry cleaned. But in the case of crushed velvet, it should only be machine  washed. 

Drying them

Since woollen clothes soak up a lot of water, it is best not to hang them out for  drying. That way, they become heavy, and hanging them can disfigure their shape.  So the best way is just to dry them out on a flat surface at room temperature or in  shaded sunlight. Please keep in mind that stowing away damp woollens can damage  because germs and bacteria build up in dampness.  


There is a particular way to fold winter garments. If you donʼt fold them the right  way, the clothes can develop creases in several places, which just look bad when  worn next. For example, cashmere sweaters have to be folded in thirds, else there  will be a fold line running right through the middle of it. Again, in the case of  jackets, do not fold them at all and put them on a hanger in the closet.  


Taking proper measures to store your clothes is just as necessary as dry cleaning  them. Since woollens need extra care and gentleness in handling them, remove  them from their plastic covers after they come back from the laundry & dry  cleaning store. Store them in your closet with ample spacing, do not dump too many  clothes together since the garments need space to breathe. Stashing mothballs will  keep the harmful insects away.  


Applying heat directly to your woollens when they are dry can be disastrous. You  should only steam press them. Before you do that, ensure the sweater is inside out  and you iron the inside of the clothes only. Remember to change the settings to  WOOL before ironing.  

If there are small stains:  

You most certainly need to send off your sweater to the dry cleaners if you spill  something on them. Remember Quiclo, the best dry cleaning service in Hyderabad,  has always got your back.  

More than anything else, remember to read the instructions on their labels if you  want to care for your winter clothes in the best way possible. This way, they will be  as good as new for years to come.  

There might be some things you know about that we missed, but these are the basic  wash care that helps keep your laundry clean, fresh and hygienic in winters. Winter  is coming. Are you ready for it yet? 

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