How to Remove Lint From Clothes [ Easy Hacks ]

How to Remove Lint From Clothes


It is very rare to see lint-free clothes in a wardrobe. Most of us would have faced the same problem and tried different methods to remove it but failed to do so. Especially from those black trousers that fit you so well! Ugh. Worry not, our ways and means are here to find a solution. Here are a few tried and tested hacks to remove lint or pilling from clothes and have fuzz-free clothes.


Lint is the short fibres in the cloth, forming a bundle that sticks on the garments. It happens when two fabrics rub together, for example, during washing and drying or when the clothes are stacked. Removing pilling from the clothes does not take long. This article is all about a few easy hacks on how to remove lint from clothes, so read the full article to know how to save yourself from lint and its 99 problems.

How To Remove Lint From Clothes?

1. Use a lint roller

Use a lint roller

Using a lint roller is the greatest, easiest, and most hassle-free way to remove lint from your clothes. Lint roller is available everywhere, and you can easily buy it from any local department store or a pet store. It is a convenient and time-saving method to remove the lint or pilling from clothes. You can use a lint roller many times. After you roll it once, remove the used layer and start using the next layer. It is available at a very affordable cost too.

Does last minute plan to leave you with no time to rush to the store? We have a quick fix for that too. You can try a homemade lint roller hack. All you need is a rolling pin and tape. Roll the tape around the rolling pin in such a way that the sticky part of the tape is outward. Then roll it in your cloth as you do so with a lint roller. All the particles would get stuck to the tape, ta-daaa – you get fuzz-free clothes. 

2. Use a pumice stone

Use a pumice stone

Yes, we are talking about the stone you bought for your skin but barely use. Pumice stone is one of the best tools to remove lint or pilling from clothes. If you haven’t tried this method yet, you have to. It doesn’t take much of your time. As it has a rocky texture, it holds all the tiny particles from the cloth. It is one of the safe methods to remove lint from clothes without causing any damage to it. This is one of the best hacks if you are wondering, ‘how to remove lint from clothes?’. 

3. Use scotch tape

Use scotch tape

This is a cost-effective and time-saving method to remove lint from clothes. Scotch tape is a basic stationary item everyone has at home. To remove lint from clothes, you can wrap the tape around your finger by facing the sticky part outward. You can get rid of the lint by tapping, gently pressing, and when you remove your hand, the lint gets removed too. 

There is always an alternative method. You can also stick the tape on the dress directly above the lint and peel the tape gently. The lint would get stuck on the tape. It is one of the methods to remove pilling and an easy one too. 

4. Use a hair dryer

Use a hair dryer

We bet you didn’t guess this. The blow dryer can remove lint from clothes. To remove the lint, aim the blow dryer above the tiny pilling particles. If the cloth is wet, blow dry and place a damp cloth on it to remove the lint. It is one of the time-saving hacks. 

5. Use a Razor

Use a Razor

Razor for a clean save. When using the razor to remove lint from  clothes, you must always follow the shaving method. You cannot scratch to remove lint as it may lead to damaging the cloth. You must always proceed or move the razor downward to remove the lint. The most important point to remember before using the razor is to be gentle while using it on your clothes. Else, it leaves a scar. 

6. Use an electric lint roller

Use an electric lint roller

One of the best hacks is using an electric lint roller to remove lint from the cloth without much effort if you are thinking the million dollar question of “how to remove lint from clothes?”. It is available at a very reasonable rate in the market. The electric remover automatically sucks the lint from the cloth, and you don’t have to spend time being careful about it. It is also the safest method to remove the lint from the cloth. So go ahead and get yourself one now.  

7. Use a toothbrush

Use a toothbrush

Using a toothbrush does not cause any damage to the dress. All you need to do is to swipe on the lint side using the bristles of the brush. It will be easy to remove as all the tiny particles accumulate together. It is one of the most effective ways to remove lint from clothes.

Do you know: Detergents act as an agent that bridges the water and oil particles, allowing dirt to be caught in oil and hence removed from clothing.

How To Prevent And How To Remove Pilling From Clothes

We know this is a ‘How to’ but prevention is better than cure, to make it more apt. Knowing the hacks to remove the pilling on one side and how to prevent it on the other. Here are a few hacks which act as a prevention and tips to remove pilling from cloth.

1. White vinegar and water method: Mix white vinegar with water to dilute it. Add that diluted liquid while washing clothes. This helps prevent the cloth from forming lint and removes the existing pilling.

2. Try the inside method: One of the most useful hacks is to wash your clothes by flipping them if you are thinking, “how to remove pilling from clothes?”. This method prevents your cloth from lint and makes it durable. Flipping and washing the clothes ensures that the cloth’s soft surface will not have friction and it doesn’t rub with each other. Thus it reduces the formation of lint on the clothes. Easy like Sunday morning!

3. Wash the cloth separately: Most fabrics like wool, cotton and linen tend to form lint. Washing such fabrics separately from other materials helps prevent and reduce the formation of lint. 

4. Always do it in a downward motion: When removing lint from the cloth, you must always constrain your movement of direction towards one way. It is better to do it in a downward motion. This method prevents your cloth from unwanted tear and damage to the clothes while removing the lint. 

5. Use pet grooming gloves: Pet grooming gloves are one of the best options to remove the pilling from clothes if you are too conscious and careful with the cloth. It is very gentle and safe to remove the fuzz in your dress. This is one of the most useful hacks if you are thinking, “how to remove pilling from clothes?”.

6. Use a comb: The lint in the cloth can easily be removed with the comb. Not to scratch the threads of the fabric but can gently collect and remove the layer of fizz with the comb teeth. 

7. Using a scrub pad: Scrub pads are a great tool for removing the pilling from the cloth. As it has a rough texture, it collects and holds even tiny particles of fur or lint. The added advantage is that it is not a harmful material to the clothes, and this is one of the practical hacks if you are thinking, “how to remove lint from black clothes?”.

Did you know: In 1907, Otto Rohm was the one who introduced the use of enzymes in laundry cleaning.

How to remove lint from black clothes

7 tips to make best biriryani ever!

There is no worse scenario than getting lint in the all-time saver, black clothes. It is a nightmare seeing pilling in black clothes as it will be more visible and tarnishes the dress. Not to forget, you look like someone who doesn’t have time for laundry. But we kbow you are not. Else, you wouldn’t be reading our blog. Here are a few tips to overcome such nightmares and these most tried and tested, practical hacks if you are thinking, “how to remove lint from black clothes?”.

1. Use dry sheets: Using dry sheets in your laundry is always advisable. It acts as a great softener to the cloth and also reduces pilling. You can use the sheets while washing and even directly on the clothes to wipe out the lint.

2. Wash it again without detergent: To remove the lint from the black cloth, you can wash it separately without adding any detergent or softener. This method helps you to get rid of the pilling.

3. Use dryer balls: Dryer balls help reduce the lint as it is intended to keep the dresses separate without getting tangled in the dryer. But when using the dryer balls, you must always ensure that you change them after using them for a certain number of washes.

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This article would have given you an idea of how to remove lint from clothes, prevent pilling from clothes, and have fuzz-free dresses. These are a few effective tips and tricks to remove lint without spending much time and resources. Try these hacks if you come across such situations.

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