What’s better? Hand wash or machine wash?  

Hand wash vs machine wash

More than this being a question of quality wash, it is turning out to be a case of  comfort. In any case, let us solve this without any denial. Looks like this would be a  good time to cut your machine some slack. There is a reason why we have been  washing our laundry by hand (apart from the fact that we come from the Stone  Age).  

Let us try and understand the benefits of hand wash.  

1) The fibre in your fabric is sensitive.  

Washing machines are anything but gentle. The way they operate can seriously  harm some garments, especially fine and loosely woven clothes. Basically, the  machines rub the clothes together to clean them, with the help of friction. This  results in the washing machines shedding fibre and bringing down the quality of  your clothes. So youʼre not only losing the dirt and grime in the wash but also  compromising the finishing of your fabrics.  

While hand washing clothes seems archaic, it lets you have control over all aspects  of washing. You can choose to be gentle with your clothes. No, weʼre not preaching  the impossible. Donʼt throw any of your machines entirely. Just be choosy about  what clothes to throw in the wash. For example, that vintage saree you found from  your momʼs wardrobe should definitely not be facing a tumble in the machine.  While it may have stood the test of fashion and time, it may not be able to survive  the rugged machine.  

As it is in any tough situation, we have a saviour. If you cannot ditch the machine  or find time to wash your clothes by hand but want to avoid fraying your garments,  please use a fabric softener or fabric conditioner. It reduces the friction between the  fibres.  

2) Be gentle  

Of course, washing machines are big-time time-savers! Letʼs face it, theyʼre the very  reason you get to wear something fresh and new every day. But, some garments  need special love which only hand washing can guarantee. If youʼre confused about  what those garments are, flip them over and read their wash care label. Generally,  your lace, silk and thin cotton garments do not go in the washing machine. They 

will get damaged invariably. Ladies even your lingerie needs to be washed and  rinsed gently by hand.  

3) Stains will be overlooked  

When it comes to stains, you must be cautious to discriminate. So, if youʼve got  ketchup on your crisp white shirt, you need to spot treat it immediately. We know  itʼs tempting to just throw it in the washing machine and assume that the machine  will take care of it, but it definitely wonʼt. Spot treating makes sure you directly  scrub the particular area and get the stain out well and fully. Wet the stained area  and dab it a little with a smidge of liquid detergent. Gently rub out the stain with  your hands, or with the help of a toothbrush. You still need to launder it in the  washing machine after this process, to get it clean and pristine.  

4) Climate change is real  

Let us not even argue. Washing by hand is definitely a more eco-friendly way of  cleaning your clothes than machine washing. First, that means we use lesser  laundry detergent – just enough to get all the dirt and grime out of almost a dozen  garments. This reduces the harmful impact on the environment in several ways.  

Also, if you use a tub or sink to wash your clothes, rather than running them under  a tap directly, the overall consumption of water is greatly reduced by half when  compared to machine washing.  

And this also means electricity usage is reduced. Better to save electricity and get  some exercise yourself, no?  

Also, remember just because itʼs there to wash your clothes, doesnʼt mean that your  washing machine can clean itself too. It could contain bacteria and fungus. We  donʼt want your clothes ruined. Hence, please clean your machine once in a while  before you wash your clothes.  


Choose an anti-fungal laundry detergent.  

Wipe the damp portions of your washing machine and keep the lid open when  you are not using it so that moisture doesnʼt fester. 

Donʼt let your machine stay idle for too long. Washing machines can get cranky  if not given attention to too.  

Use an anti-scaling agent to break down the deposits left by impurities, minerals  and other particles in the water running through the pipe.  


We conclude that hand washing is way better and definitely gentler. Laundering a  whole load by hand while juggling all the other work demanded by adulthood is not  reasonable. Life is meant to be lived a little. Washing your clothes by hand can save  a lot of money but take a lot of your time. Hence, we recommend you wash those  delicate and costly garments by hand and load the ones that you feel might be  tough fighters, in the washing machine. This does not only get you extra time to laze  around, watch that movie on Netflix or even be adventurous and step out for a bite  on Sundays, but it will generally just make you feel more peaceful, calm and  collected. Like you have your life under control.  

But we do understand if you donʼt have even the little time to chuck your clothes in  the washing machine or if your white clothes miraculously seem to be borrowing  some colour or the other. And if you are still an Earth advocate, we have a solution.  Just give your clothes to Quiclo – the best laundry and dry cleaning service in  Hyderabad. We are human-friendly, earth-friendly and cloth friendly.  

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