Big Love For The Little Outfits: Baby Laundry Care

Tips for Baby Laundry Care

Having a baby is life-changing. Once you have a baby, you have to make sure you do everything in your might to ensure that your baby is well taken care of. Taking proper care of them is important but their clothes need care too. Little do we think of laundry when we buy their tiny outfits. Although tiny in size, baby laundry is the one that needs to be done with attention to detail. We understand that you might have your hands full, which is why Quiclo Laundry is here to save your day. Being  Hyderabadʼs best laundry service, we take care of your baby laundry with extra love. In any case, we have put together a baby laundry care kit that might help you.  

Most mama and baby books will advise you to pre-wash your baby clothes before you put them on your baby. This is an important rule to follow since the baby clothes have had a life before your little one, and are quite old, even if the items are as good as new. They have been spending days in warehouses and collecting dust on store shelves and possibly being treated with chemicals during the manufacturing process too, you never know.  

Hence this is the first step in baby laundry care: wash the baby clothes even before you use them.  

What is necessary to wash baby clothes? 

What is necessary to wash baby clothes?

A washing machine and dryer are incredibly efficient for washing baby clothes,  whether they are machines you own or even better, you can send them to the best dry cleaning service in Hyderabad – Quiclo. It is also notable that drying baby laundry under the sun, in a shade is extremely helpful. Apart from this, you need to find a gentle detergent formulated for sensitive baby skin. There are so many of them, with such cute packing too! Keep in mind that you should ideally be choosing what is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and dye-free. This will avoid giving any unnecessary allergies to your baby. Try and protect that soft skin as best as you can.  

Now, let us skip to the good part.  

Baby Laundry

You cannot dump all the baby laundry in one go. Your baby clothes need more care if you want them to last longer and look neat too. For starters, separate them 

into light colours and dark colours. It is important to wash your baby’s clothes and bedding separately, do not include them with the rest of the household’s garments.  First, wash your hands. Before you start washing your baby clothes, make sure your hands are clean and sanitized. You do not want to pass on any allergy or bacteria to your child.  

Labels are to be read. 

read the label

Let us face it, nobody reads a wash care label, but do not compromise on this when it comes to your baby clothes. It is best to follow the washing instructions on the label. Notice what needs to be avoided. Some of them have to be washed only by hand, some in the machine in cold water. Read the label thoroughly. Be aware of the temperature too. Usually, a warm temperature is both safe for the baby and the fabric. Very hot water can damage the material by making the weaves weak.  

Now you can prep the clothes to go in. Before you do a load of laundry in the machine, baby clothes should be buttoned and turned inside out to protect designs.  While washing bibs or mittens or socks or any tiny items, place them in a mesh laundry bag. This will save them from getting lost in the machine during the wash or drying cycles.  

Now you can retrieve them from the washing machine and throw them in the dryer.  Before placing clothing in the dryer, check for any previous stains. The stains are harder to remove if they get dry, so if it isn’t removed completely, treat them first and then wash the clothes again.  

Those stains. How do we get rid of them?  

how to remove stains in baby clothes

No surprises here, babies have several liquids coming out of them and sometimes it can be overwhelming. It is not easy to get rid of these stains either and they can be challenging because of the smell and stubbornness. To get rid of the poop stains,  first, wash off the residue, then soak the cloth in warm water, and then dilute a few drops of lemon juice in the water to wash the cloth. You can then wash away any remains by scrubbing them with an old toothbrush. To remove other stains, you can use a little baking soda and soak the clothes in warm water. Scrub it with a brush if needed. 

Life is messy, especially when you are a baby. So while trying to remove a stain on your baby clothes, look for a product that is formulated for sensitive skin and fragrance-free, just as you did for the detergent.  

Tough stains may need some time for the treatment to begin. Apply it to the stain,  and just allow the product to sit in it and work its magic for at least several minutes before washing or even checking. Time is of the essence when it comes to stains. It is advisable to wash stains right away, in a cold cycle if it is done in the machine.  

Bringing a baby into your life means lots of changes, the least of which is how you do laundry. Please remember that it is quite important to take extra special care with your child’s clothing to protect their new, delicate, sensitive skin. This will season their skin for the years to come. The process might seem a little long, but once you get used to it, it is just machine work. In any case, Quiclo is always here to care for your baby’s laundry, being the best laundry service in Hyderabad


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